Snapchat Tracker

Monitor All The Snapchat Messages

Snapchat Tracker is one of the most important features of the FreeTracking app. As most of the kids use Snapchat on their phone, you can use this app to track their Snapchat messages.

Read Chats

Track all the chats on Snapchat

View Media

Check all the media on Snapchat

Friend's List

Check the friend's list on Snapchat

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You can use the Snapchat Tracker option to track all the activities on the app. It helps you to track Snapchat on any type of phone. It is very simple and easy to use. Anybody can easily track Snapchat. Parents can use it to monitor their kids and keep them safe.

Why Choose FreeTracking Free Snapchat Tracker?

You can do many things with the Snapchat Tracker feature. You can do all these things for free.

Free Snapchat Tracker

Read Chats

You can use this feature to track all the chats on Snapchat. You can keep track of all the messages. You can check the message type and read all the chats on Snapchat. Moreover, you can also check all the snaps.

View Posts

This feature helps you to check all the Snapchat posts. People post their pictures and videos on Snapchat on a daily basis. You can check all these things on Snapchat. You will get details about all the posts.

View Media

Snapchat is a media app. Kids upload their pictures and videos on Snapchat. You can use this feature to check all the media on Snapchat. You can check the new as well as old photos and videos on Snapchat.

Friend’s List

You can also use this feature to check the friend’s list on Snapchat. It will show you the photos and names of the people on the list. You can check the list to know who is chatting with your kids.


You can use this feature to track the stories people upload on Snapchat. You will be able to check the stories of all the people.

Get started

in 3 simple steps!

Download the app

You need to start by downloading the app on the phone. Use the link given on the website to download the app at After that, you need to install the app on the phone.

Create your free account

Once the installation is done, you need to open the app and register to it.

Start monitoring and rest easy

Once you reach the dashboard, you can use the Snapchat Tracker option to track all the Snapchat activities.

FreeTracking Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with FreeTracking! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most.



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