Free SMS Tracker

Free SMS Tracker

Tracking SMS helps you to know what a person is up to. Many people prefer using SMS instead of talking on calls.

When you call someone, anybody can eavesdrop on your conversation. SMS is more discreet. Nobody will come to know what you are talking about.

Because of this reason, many people are using SMS for the wrong reason. They use it so that they can bully others and body-shame others.

There are many teenage kids who use SMS to spread messages and bully other kids. If they get caught, they will be expelled from school.

Apart from bullying, they also use SMS for sending indecent and vulgar messages. It spoils their ethics and is morally wrong.

Parents need to keep an eye on their kids. In order to track their SMS, they can use free SMS tracker apps.

This app helps you to track SMS for free. Employers can also use this app to monitor their employees and manage them. It stops them, employees, from sharing company secrets with others.


Free SMS Tracker App

Free SMS Tracker App
Free SMS Tracker App

This app helps you to track all the SMS on the phone for free. You can track SMS on any type of phone.

There is no need to make any payment to use this app. It is free to use. You can track all the text messages for free.

It is not just useful for parents but for partners and employers as well. When you track SMS, you will come to know all the secrets.


Features of a Free SMS Tracker

Free SMS Tracker comes with various features. You can use all these features for free.

  • Read Inbox SMS: This feature helps you to track the inbox SMS. You can track all the inbox messages and read them. You can check the type of messages and open each message to read the full conversation.
  • Read Outbox SMS: You can use this feature to check all the outbox messages. These are the messages which the target sends. You will be able to open the SMS and read the full outbox messages. You will be able to check all the outbox SMS.
  • Read Deleted SMS: Apart from checking the inbox and outbox SMS, you can check the deleted SMS as well. Sometimes the person might delete some of the SMS immediately. But with this feature, you can read the deleted SMS as well. You will have a backup of all the deleted SMS on your phone.
  • Check SMS Media: This feature will help you to check all the SMS media. Most people prefer sending images and videos along with SMS. If there are any media in the message, you can check it. You will be able to see the photos and videos in SMS.
  • Check SMS Contacts: You can also check the SMS contacts. Many people avoid contact details, but you can check it. It will help you to know the name, number, and photo of the person who is sending the messages.


How to Use Free SMS Tracker?

How to Use Free SMS Tracker
How to Use Free SMS Tracker

You need to use a free SMS tracker app to track all the SMS for free. There are many such apps on the internet. You can also use Free Tracking App to track the SMS for free. Follow these steps to track the SMS.

  • Download: This step is only for android phones. You need to download and install the app on the android phone. You can use the download option given on the website at After that, you need to install the app on the phone. Once the installation is done, you need to open the app and register to connect it with the phone.
  • Login: Once the setup is complete, you can log in to the account to track SMS. The login option is given on the site.
  • SMS Tracker: Once you log in, you can use the SMS Tracker option to track the SMS on the phone.