Ambient Voice Recording

Record Sounds and Voices

Ambient Recording is one of the most important tracking features. You can use this feature along with a call recorder. With a call recorder, you can use record all the telephonic conversations, and with this feature, you can record all the non-telephonic conversations. If you want to use this feature for free, you can use the Free Tracking app that contains this feature.

Record Sounds

Record all the nearby sounds

Listen to Recordings

Play all the recordings

Save Recordings

Save the recordings as well

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Ambient voice recording feature helps you to secretly turn on the microphone in the phone. It records all the nearby and surrounding sounds. You can record sounds and voices with this feature. You can listen to the sounds with clarity. There are fewer disturbances, as the sound is clear.

Why Choose FreeTracking Ambient Voice Recording?

You can do many things with ambient voice recording. You can use this feature for free.

Ambient Voice Recording

Record Sounds

You can use this feature to record sounds with the help of a phone. It is a remote control function. You can use the phone remotely and turn on the microphone. It records all the nearby sounds. You will be able to record non-telephonic conversations and surrounding sounds.

Listen to Recordings

You can not only use this feature to record sounds but to listen to the sounds as well. You can play all the recordings by using the VLC media player. The sounds are recorded in clear and ambient quality so that you can understand what a person is speaking.

Set Timer

You can also set a timer to record the sounds. When you use this feature, you will get an option to set the timer for the recording. The microphone remains on till then. You can record sounds up to hours as well.

Save Recordings

Apart from recording and listening to sounds, you can use this feature to save the recordings as well. You will have all the recordings in your account with the date and time. You can click on the download or save option to save the recordings on your device.

Recording Time

The best thing about this feature is that you will be able to record all the sounds as per the timer. You can set the timer on your own. It can record sounds for 1 minute as well as 1 hour.

Get started

in 3 simple steps!

Download the app

You need to start by downloading the app on the phone. Use the link given on the website to download the app at After that, you need to install the app on the phone.

Create your free account

Once the installation is done, you need to open the app and register to connect it with the phone.

Start monitoring and rest easy

After you reach the account, use the ambient voice recording feature and set the timer to record the voices.

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