History of Sites Visited

Most of the time, kids take undue advantage of their smartphones. They lock their phone and use the browser to watch adult content.

Most of the parents don’t really know about this. It is a very common thing for teenagers to do. However, it is not good for them.

It morally corrupts them. The sites they visit might be unsafe. As a parent, you need to know what the kids are doing.

So to monitor the kids, parents use tracking apps. You can use these apps to check their browsing history.

It will give you the history of the sites they visit on their phone. You will get a complete list of sites with dates and times. You can use the browsing History feature to keep track of all the sites your kids visit.

Employers also use it so that they can monitor the employees. It helps them to maintain discipline.

Browsing History

Browsing History
Browsing History

Browsing history is a very important feature of Free Tracking App. You can use this feature to check the history of the sites a person visits.

You will get complete details about the sites. Moreover, you will get the name of the sites along with the URL.


Features of Browsing History Tracking

You can do many things by tracking someone’s browsing history with your phone.

  • Browsing History: You will get complete details about the browsing history on the phone. You can also check how much time a person spends on a website.
  • App History: Apart from browsing history, you can also check app history. It will help you to know which apps a person installs.
  • Name of Websites: You will get the names of all the websites. You can check the name of the websites with the date and time.
  • URL: Along with the name of the website, you will also get the URL of the website.


How to Track Browsing History?

Track Browsing History
Track Browsing History

To track browsing history on a phone, you need to use a tracking app. Follow these steps to track browsing history.

  • Download: This step is only for android phones. First, you have to download the tracking app on the android phone at After that, you need to install the app. After the installation, you need to open the app and register to connect the app with the phone.
  • Login: Once everything is done, you need to login into the account to track the phone.
  • Track Browsing History: You need to choose the browsing history option from the dashboard to track the browsing history on the phone.