10+ Features of Free Tracking App

10+ Free Tracking Features

Tracking apps are known for their features. The most famous tracking apps have a multitude of exciting tracking features. More the merrier works true in the case of tracking apps. The more tracking features an app has, the more the chances of success.

When you use a phone tracker app with limited features, you will face many problems in tracking. Imagine you want to track the location of the phone, but there is no location tracking feature in the app.

Because of this, you have to use other phone tracker apps. Not only do you have to purchase a new tracker app, but you have to take the risk of installing it again. So before you buy a phone tracker app, check all the features.

You can either go on the website to check the features or use the live demo option. If a phone tracker app is legit, all the features will be given on the website. You can use the live demo button to check out all the features and see how each feature works.

In the article, we will let you know about FreeTracking – Best Free Tracking App. Include more than 10+ free tracking features.

FreeTracking Features

FreeTracking Features
FreeTracking Features

When you use FreeTracking, you don’t have to worry at all. This tracking contains a multitude of features. Each feature helps you to track the phone more effectively. There are features for everything you want to track on.

You can track the calls. You can track the location. However, you can read messages. You can monitor social media apps. Moreover, you can monitor messenger apps. You can do almost everything.

Unlike other apps, you don’t have to pay for the features you are using. This is a free tracking app. You can use all the tracking features for free. FreeTracking contains more than ten tracking features. You can use any of these features to enhance your tracking experience.

Before you check the features, you need to check the characteristic of the app. It helps you to determine if the app is worth using.

FreeTracking Characteristics

FreeTracking App is a budget-friendly spy app specially developed for people who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on Tracking.

  • Free: FreeTracking app helps you to spy for free. You can use this Tracking app for free without any charges. There is no need to buy this app or pay for the features.
  • Compatibility: You can use this app for Tracking on cell phones only. This app is compatible with both operating systems. You can use it with an android phone and iPhone. It even works on tablet and iPad.
  • Undetectable: This spy app helps you to spy in a discreet way. This app is undetectable. You can easily spy using this app, and the phone-user will not even come to know about it.
  • User-Friendly: This app is pretty easy to use. It has a simple navigation and control system. The user interface is very simple. You can easily use this app. There are no complicated systems. Anybody can use it without any prior training.
  • Privacy: FreeTracking keep stores all the information in an encrypted form. Your information is kept safe and private. You don’t have to worry about the trustworthiness of this app.
  • Multiple Features: You can use multiple Tracking features in this app. There are many features so that parents can spy on different activities. You can use it to check calls, messages, and other important stuff from the cell phone.
  • No Root/ Jailbreak: There is no need to root or jailbreak the phone to use this app. You can use it without jailbreak and root.

10+ Features of Free Tracking App

10+ Features of Free Tracking App
10+ Features of Free Tracking App

FreeTracking app is one of the best free spy apps. It contains a multitude of free features. You can enjoy all these spy features for free. There are a variety of features to support total Tracking.

Track Location

FreeTracking provides a location tracking option. You can use this feature to track the live location. You can also check all the location history. However, you will get the complete address of the location along with Google Map tracking. You can also set geofencing to receive alerts on location.

SMS Tracking

This feature helps you to spy on SMS. You will be able to record all the SMS. You can check the incoming and outgoing SMS on the phone. Moreover, you can check the message body and date and time. You can use this feature to check any multimedia message as well.

Track the Phone Calls

This feature helps you to spy on calls. You can check the call logs, type of each call, call duration, personal information, and time of the call.

Monitor Messenger Apps

You can use this feature to spy on the messenger apps on the phone. However, you can use this feature to spy on WhatsApp chats. You can check the call logs along with WhatsApp media. It also helps you to spy on Viber chats and calls. If there is any other messenger app on the phone, you can spy on it.

Monitor Media Files

You can check the media files on a phone. Moreover, you can check the photo files and video files on the phone. You can open each image and check it. However, you can even play all the videos. You will get additional information about each file.


It is a very important Tracking feature. A Keylogger helps you to track the words the person type on the phone. It will record the history of the words and show them to you. You can track all the keystrokes and use it to get the passwords.

Track Web History

You can check the web history from a phone. You can view all websites the person visits and what time they visit the site. Moreover, you can check the time they spend on each site. You can check the apps they install on their phone.

Social Media

You can spy on different types of social media apps on the phone. However, you can spy on Facebook chats. You can spy on Instagram chats. You can spy on Snapchat, etc. Moreover, you can even get the password using the Keylogger app. You can hack these platforms directly. You can get all the information about these apps by using individual social media Tracking features.

Email Tracking

This feature helps you to track all the email activity. You can check the inbox and outbox to know what emails are being sent or received. However, you can check the email id of the person along with the email body. You can check different types of emails, including Gmail.

Remote Control

You can use a remote control feature to control the phone remotely. You can block some numbers, add keywords, set geofencing, take a screenshot, record calls, record sounds, wipe data, block certain apps, block sites, and much more.

Call Record

This feature helps you to record all the phone calls. You can use it to record different calls and listen to them. You can also listen to live calls or past recordings.


This feature helps you to get alerts. You can add some numbers in alerts, so if there is a call or message from the number, you will get alerts. You can also set alerts for keywords in messages. If these words are used in messages, you will get alerts. You can also get alerts on certain locations. Moreover, you can set alerts for SIM changes. You will get alerts on each and every activity.

Ambient Listening

This feature helps you to record surrounding sounds. You can use it to remotely turn on the microphone and record all the surrounding sounds and voices. You can listen to these recordings.


These are the multitude of features you can use in the FreeTracking app. To use these features, all you need to do is download the app on the phone and create your account. You will be able to use all these features for free.