Free GPS Tracker

Tracking mobile location is very important. It helps you to check a cell phone location.

It is very useful in case of a lost or stolen phone. If you want to find a missing phone, you can track the phone location.

The best thing about tracking location is that now you can do it for free. There are various free GPS tracker apps in the market.

You can use these apps to track the GPS location of the phone for free. Many people use it so that they can track their lost phone.


Parents also use free GPS tracker so that they can track their kids. It helps them to know the whereabouts of the kids.

This app is very useful in case of kidnapping. If the kids go on a mission, parents can use this app to track their phone location and find them.

Apart from parents, it is very useful for partners as well. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, this app will help you to find out the truth.

You can spy on their location to catch their lies. Employers also need this help to track their employees.

Free GPS Tracker App

Free GPS Tracker App
Free GPS Tracker App

It is a free location tracking app. Every smartphone comes with an in-built GPS tracker. This app uses the GPS system to track the phone location.

As the name goes, this app is free to use. You can use this app for free. There is no need to make payment to use this app or buy any subscription charges.

If you have budget issues but still want to track someone, you can use this app. It will help you with the tracking.


Features of Free GPS Tracker

You can do many things with a free GPS tracker app. Here are the important features you can use.

  • Track Live Location: This feature helps you to track the live location of the phone. You can track the phone in real-time with this feature. If your phone goes missing, you can use this feature and follow the location to get the phone back.
  • Check Past Locations: You can use this feature if you want to check all the previous locations. This app tracks the phone location after equal time intervals. You can set the time interval for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You will get the location of the phone after equal time intervals.
  • Geofencing: This is an advanced feature. If you want location alerts, you can use this feature. By using this feature, you can set a fence in various locations. For example, you can set fences in the city borders. So if the person crosses the border, you will get an alert on your phone.
  • Google Maps: You will be able to track the phone location in Google Maps. It makes tracking easier. You can simply follow the map to reach the location. You can use all the features of Google Map.
  • Address: You will also get the address of the location. You can check the latitude, longitude, landmark, and nearby places. You can save the address as well.


How to Use Free GPS Tracker?

How to Use Free GPS Tracker
How to Use Free GPS Tracker

You need to use a location tracker app to track free location. Most people use the Free Tracking App. It contains the Free GPS Tracker. You can use this option for tracking. Follow these steps for tracking.

  • Download: You need to follow this step if you are tracking an android phone. On this phone, you need to download and install the tracking app. You can use the download option given on the website at After that, you need to install the app on the phone. After installation, you need to open the app and register your account.
  • Login: After the setup, you can log in to the account to get location details. The login option is given on the site. You can use your phone to login.
  • GPS Tracker: After you log in, you can use the GPS Tracker option to track the phone location.