2 Ways to Spy on Text Messages without Them Knowing

The text message is very important for daily communication. You can send and receive messages to communicate with each other. It is just like a normal messenger app but with the basic chat feature.

You can use text message for various reasons. All bank transactions are done via text messages. You get all the OTP as text messages.

However, you need to be really careful while using Text messages. There are many people who use this app for the wrong purpose.

Many teenage kids use it for sexting. It is really bad for them. They also use it to bully each other. Parents need to check their text messages to make sure they are not doing anything wrong. You can spy on text messages to know what your kids are doing.

Text Message Spying

Text Message Spying
Text Message Spying

There are many benefits of spying on text messages. You can obtain a lot of important information.

  • Sent SMS: You will be able to read all the sent messages by spying on text messages.
  • Received SMS: You can also read all the received SMS by spying on text messages.
  • Media: You can also check the media in the messages. You can view photos and videos.
  • Contact Information: You can check the contact information of the people who are sending messages. You can check their name and number.
  • Date/Time: By spying on text messages, you will be able to keep track of all the messages as per the date and time.

Two Ways to Spy on the Text message

Nowadays it is very difficult to spy on a phone or open it to read messages. The chances of getting caught are very high. Because of this reason, people are demanding apps which help them to spy remotely. You can use the spy app to spy on Text message secretly. These apps are discreet. You will be able to spy on messages secretly.



If you are planning to spy on Text messages secretly, you can use this spying app. This app is very discreet. So if you want to stay undetected, this app is the best choice. You can use this app to spy on android phone as well as an iPhone. This app is simple and easy to use. You have to register your account with this app to use it. To get all the information from the phone, you have to install the app on an android phone. But if you are spying on iPhone, you can directly use it. There is no need to use the phone.

You can connect the app with cloud account of the phone to get message details. Once you are done with setting up the app, you need to login and spy. Use the Text message Spy option from the panel to receive all the information from the app.

You can use XPSpy to spy on text messages at https://xpspy.com



FreeTracking is a tracking app which helps you to spy on text messages. You can use this app to spy only on android phone. You will not be able to spy on iPhone’s text messages. It is a secretive app. So when you use it, it will work in a discreet way. Your kids will never come to know about this app. It will keep your identity hidden. To use this app, you have to download the app at app.freetracking.net. After the setup, you can simply log in to your account to spy. You have to choose the Text Message Tracker option from the dashboard to receive all the chats and messages. This app is simple and easy to use.


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