3 Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Surveys

Nowadays, you can easily hack any mobile device by using advanced software. One upon a time, hacking was a rare activity. But now, even little kids can hack devices.

Along with the mobile phone, you can also hack WhatsApp. There are many reasons to hack it. One of the biggest reasons is safety. This app can be really unsafe for kids.

So if your kids are wasting too much time on WhatsApp, hacking it is the right course of action. Another reason can be to monitor them.

If you mostly stay out of your house or work, you need to control the kids. You can do it by monitoring their chats.

Parents are not the only one who needs to hack WhatsApp. Employers also need to do it. Most of the young employees use WhatsApp while working. Such distraction affects their productivity. They can also use the app to share pictures of your company plans and secrets.

If you hack their WhatsApp, you will know what they are doing. It will help you to control them and manage your business effectively.

Fortunately, there are many ways to spy on WhatsApp. You can use these ways for hacking. All these methods are safe and easy to use.

Hack WhatsApp
Hack WhatsApp

3 Ways to Hack WhatsApp

Hacking WhatsApp is quite easy, but there is one problem that most people come across. It is a problem of taking the survey.

It is a series of question which you need to answer online. When you try searching for hacking methods, a few web apps or sites will include a survey.

The first thing you need to do is, close the site and check other methods. Surveys are nasty. It takes up a lot of time. It can contain malware. To avoid the survey, use ways that don’t include it.

1. Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web

This is a very common method of hacking. Although this method is risky, the best thing is that you don’t have to go through the survey. There are no apps or tools in this hacking method.

This method is actually an important feature of WhatsApp. We are just going to take advantage of the vulnerability. WhatsApp Web is the web version of the app.

WhatsApp is a messaging app for smartphones, but you also use it from your desktop or laptop. The only condition is that you need to have an already established WhatsApp on your phone.

Now, to hack WhatsApp, you will need the person’s phone. You also need to breach the phone by hacking the password. In order to use the app in the web version, you need to have access to the app on the phone.

After you have the necessary things ready, go to your laptop or PC. Open your web browser and type Web WhatsApp at web.whatsapp.com. Click on the link to open it.

Once it is open, you will see a QR code. Now, you need to use the phone. Open WhatsApp on the phone and click on the three dots given on the top right. After that, click on the WhatsApp Web.

Once you do it, you will see a scanner on the phone. Use it to scan the code on your PC screen. After it reads the code, the same WhatsApp will appear on the screen. Now, you can keep the phone away and hack it via the web.

2. Hack WhatsApp using TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is a genuine and trustworthy spy app that helps you to hack WhatsApp as well. You can hack all types of the phone with it, including iOS devices and android devices.

After you complete the setup and create your account, you can use the WhatsApp Spy option. With this option, you will receive all the details about WhatsApp chats and activities.

3. Hack WhatsApp using FreeTracking


FreeTracking is a tracking app. Along with spying on the phone, you can also use it for hacking. This app will help you to hack WhatsApp. It is only available for android phones.

To hack WhatsApp, you need to install the app on an android phone. After you set up the app and create your account, you can hack it anytime.

Simply log in to your account and use the WhatsApp Spy option to read all the messages and check all the activities.

These are the three ways by which you can hack WhatsApp.

Steps to Hack WhatsApp Messages without Surveys

Steps to Hack WhatsApp Messages without Surveys
Steps to Hack WhatsApp Messages without Surveys

These are the steps you can follow to hack targets WhatsApp.

Step 1: Download

First, you will have to download the WhatsApp Hack through the link that is given on the app’s official website at app.freetracking.net.

Step 2: Install

Then after downloading the WhatsApp Hack APK file, you will have to install it on the target phone by going to his/her phone setting and installing the app, and also give it all permission it asks for.

Step 3: Register

Then you will have to register yourself on the app by using a valid email ID and a password you use daily.

Step 4: WhatsApp Hack

Then you will have to login into the app with the email ID and password with which you have registered yourself on the website. You can choose the WhatsApp Tracker option and you can spy on the WhatsApp messages as well as their media files within minutes.


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