3 Ways to Hack Someone’s Facebook without Surveys

Facebook hacking has become very important these days. In order to prevent the kids from falling into any trouble, parents have to keep an eye on them.

Facebook is not for kids. The age restriction is 18 years, but kids still create an account. Even 11 and 10 years old have their own Facebook account.

This is very dangerous. Parents should never allow their kids to use social media before the right age. But if they still do it, they need monitoring.

Facebook Hacking

Facebook Hacking
Facebook Hacking

You can hack Facebook to protect them. There are many advantages to hacking Facebook.

  • Read Chats: If you hack their Facebook, you will be able to read all their chats. You can open the inbox and read all the messages to ensure that they are not doing anything wrong.
  • Check Media: You can also check the type of photos and videos they are sharing. It will help you to control their actions.
  • Profile Information: By hacking Facebook, you will get personal information about the people they are talking to. You can check their name and other details to make sure they are good people.
  • Date: You will get all the information with the date and time. You will know at what time activity on Facebook takes place.

3 Ways to Hack Facebook without Surveys

There are many ways by which you can hack Facebook, but most of the ways are online. The problem with online methods of hacking is survey issues. When you search for a hacking method, most of the sites will be fake.

They include surveys as well. It is a time-consuming process. You have to answer a series of questions on the net to access the site. But you need to stay away from the survey. Never use the hacking method, which includes the survey.

1. Using Facebook Phishing

Facebook Phishing
Facebook Phishing

Phishing is one of the most common methods is hacking Facebook. This method came way before all the spying and hacking apps. In the early days when Facebook was new, many people used this method of hacking.

It was quite effective back then. But after that, people became aware. They started paying attention. So nowadays, this method hardly works. But it is still quite effective.

If you are lucky, the person might not pay any attention, and you will be successful. To make this method work, you need a few programming skills.

You have to create a fake Facebook page. It should look similar to the login page. After you are done, you need to send it to the person. You can send it via email or text message.

You can create Facebook Phishing Page at https://github.com/SheehabMuhammad/FB-Phishing

However, make the message look authentic. You need to draft it like an official message from Facebook. Add the link in the attachment.

When the person receives the message, it should look original. If the person is not aware of phishing, they will enter their ID and Password on the page.

Once they do it, you will get the credentials. When they log in, the page will expire or show an error. This way, you will get the details you need to login and hack Facebook. There is no survey in this method.

2. Using Facebook KeyLogger App

Facebook KeyLogger App
Facebook Keylogger App

A Keylogger is a mobile app that helps you to hack almost anything. You can use it to hack phone passwords, social media passwords, bank account details, and a lot more.

You have to install it on the android phone. For iPhone, you can connect it via cloud credentials. Once it is done, the app will function and record all the keystrokes made on the phone.

If the person uses Facebook from their phone, you will get the password when they enter it. Once you have the password, use it for hacking. It doesn’t include the survey.

You can learn more about KeyLogger for Facebook at https://thetruthspy.com/hidden-keylogger/

3. Using FreeTracking App

FreeTracking App
FreeTracking App

FreeTracking is a tracking app, but you can use it for hacking. There are two ways of hacking this app. It is compatible with all types of phones. To use it you need to set it up on the phone.

After the setup, you have two choices. If you want to spy on Facebook, use the Facebook Tracker option. If you want the password, you can use the Keylogger option. It doesn’t include the survey.

Steps to Hack Facebook Messages without Surveys

Steps to Hack Facebook Messages without Surveys
Steps to Hack Facebook Messages without Surveys

These are the steps you can follow to hack someone’s Facebook.

Step 1: Download

First, you will have to download the app through the link provided on the official website at app.freetracking.net.

Step 2: Install

Then you will have to install the app on the target phone through his/her phone setting and also grant the app all the permission it asks for immediately.

Step 3: Register

Then you will have to register yourself on the app’s website by creating a free account and using a valid email ID and password.

Step 4: Facebook Spy

Then in the apps, select the Facebook Tracker option.  You can view all Facebook messages history and in real-time.


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