7 Ways to Hack Android and iPhone Devices

Technology plays a vital role in our lives. It also brings many innovative gadgets as well as software and mobile applications. This enormously affects the lifestyle of humankind.

People can easily browse a multitude of things on the internet just by sitting in one place. You can communicate, send an email or even make video calls and phone calls at a stroke.

As technology advanced the threat related to them also increased. One such threat is hacking.

In computer networking the word, “Hacking” refers to any technical effort made by an attacker to manipulate the behavior of network connections and connected systems.

In simple terms, hacking means controlling or exploiting any computer system. You can also hack a group of computers or servers by different techniques.

This is achieved by cracking system security/passwords, giving the attackers access to operate any device or computer network without touching it physically. But, in some types of hacking, you may require to approach the victim’s device.

How to Hack Android or iPhone (iOS)

How to Hack Android or iPhone
How to Hack Android or iPhone

Android and iPhone are two different types of OS (operating systems) used in smartphones. Android is developed by Google, whereas Apple inc develops iPhone (iOS).

An operating system is the backbone of smartphones. It enables users to use different features of smartphones via the adaptable interface.

Android is one of the most common OS used in almost every smartphone, wherein iOS only works in phones manufacture by Apple Company. Android gives its users a variety of options to customize the phone.

While on the contrary iOS users have hardly any option to make specifications, so iOS is much harder to hack. The only difference between Android and iOS is that Android is an open-source operating system, whereas iOS is a closed-source operating system.

There are two options to hack Android: 1) Rooted. 2) Unrooted

1) Rooted

Rooting is a technique by which you can get entry to nearly all files and functions which was blocked by the android system before rooting. Rooting helps you to run the third-party applications, software, and features that help in ethical hacking. Although there are many disadvantages of rooting.

2) Unrooted

Unlike rooting this method is much safe. This is the default mode that comes in nearly all android phones.

Both the operating system comes with a high-class security standard. Each OS uses different types of protocols and algorithms for managing its security in order to protect its users from different types of cyber-attack constantly.

They keep updating and improving their OS to ensure full-fledged security against hacking. This makes it tough for the attacker to get into the system.

Note: If you are using a computer/laptop for hacking, it’s strongly recommended to use kali Linux or Linux operating system instead of Windows or macOS as it comes with in-built tools and algorithms that save time scripting new protocols.

Although it is nearly impossible to hack any operating system, by these seven ways you can effortlessly crack any android/iOS system instantly.

7 Ways to Hack Android and iPhone

Here are the best 7 Ways to Hack the target device in Real-Time.

#1. Keylogger


Keylogger popularly known as keyboard recording is recording every single letter hit on the keyboard. You can place a keylogger on anyone’s smartphone and retrieve all the data wherever you want. You can use it on both the platform, i.e. Android and iOS.

Keylogger is the easiest yet effective way to get into someone’s phone. Although there are many apps for doing this, the famous one is the FreeTracking App.

#2. Phishing


Phishing means hacking into someone’s phone by downloading malware in the victim’s devices. There are two ways to perform phishing. You can send an email or physically download the malware into the phone which you want to be hacked.

You can learn more about Phishing at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing.

The first method is much preferred by hackers who are experts in hacking. Although the second one gives you a 100 percent success guarantee in hacking the operating system, and it is easy to trick someone.

The cyber-terrorist basically uses phishing to hack someone’s bank details or important information. Almost all professional hackers use this method to easily hack credentials details from any user by sending them elusive mail.

Suppose you choose the first way of phishing. In that case, it becomes very important to share/attach a download link with your email you will share to convince the user to download the malware without even letting him know that he/she is actually downloading malware.

#3. Man in the Middle

Man in the Middle
Man in the Middle

This trick works best when a smartphone user is using an older version of the operating system and security standards.

Man in the middle means a hacker trying to interrupt the connection between your device and network. In simple words, a person without any legal permission is trying to break-in. The connections between you and the Wi-Fi network. In order to capture all the data, you are sharing through Wi-Fi.

But before using this method, ensure that you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as that of the victim. Moreover, the Wi-Fi should have no security key/password.

There’s a bit of coding involved in this, but many applications in the market can do it for free. One such easy-to-use and popular device is Wi-Fi pineapple. Although, if a user is using encryption to share data through Wi-Fi it becomes impossible to hack them.

You can learn more about “Man-in-the-middle attack” at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-in-the-middle_attack.

#4. Cookie Theft

Cookie Theft
Cookie Theft

Every smartphone holds some information about the user using the phone, which is known as a cookie. This information can contain data provided by the users while signing in to their new device. Some website uses a lower standard of security such as TCP, IP, FTP, HTTP, and UDP. This means that data is not in an encrypted form.

You can hack this website as they use low-grade security. After this, you can look through all the important information of the users who signed in to that website. You can use it against the user of your choice to hack their Operating system.

You can learn more about “How to Steal Cookie” in the video below

#5. Kali Hunter

Kali Hunter
Kali Hunter

Kali hunter is software available for both, smartphone as well as laptop users. This software was built by the developer of the Linux operating system. This app is only functional on windows laptops and computers.

Kali hunter is a free application that uses different algorithms to make hacking as simple as it can. Kali hunter gives the hacker variety of different options to penetrate through any operating system and computer network.

You can install and use this application without rooting your cell phone. Kali hunter gives a bunch of tools and options for making our own malware and virus. As the name goes, this app hunts down minor bugs on OS and quickly cracks passwords.

You can download Kali Hunter at https://www.kali.org.

#6. Password Dictionary

Password Dictionary
Password Dictionary

A dictionary attack is a password attack. It is a way by which an attacker makes a list of all the possible passwords a user may set. They then enter the password one by one until the correct one. For reference, there are many people who set a common password such as 12345.

You can use this trick to hack many android and iOS operating systems at the same time. This method is totally offline, which means there’s no need for any other software or programming to be done.

#7. Drive-by


In a drive-by, hackers create a highly complex malware system and inject it into another device, software, website, etc. The moment hackers inject a virus, they can decrypt the security of the whole system. To use this method, you must know three computer languages: SQL, Java, and Python.

Secondly, you must know how to create different malicious protocols and viruses, which helps in hijacking the operating system.


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