Best 7 Remote Spy Apps (100% Free & Undetectable)

Spy applications have become quite advanced in the last few years. It is not the same unsound technological application where you cannot rely upon. The spy application is backed by the best technology, which guarantees results. You don’t have to be the best hacker to use these soy applications.

Spy Applications
Spy Applications

The need for spy applications is not new to you. This is because we know how you feel when insecurity hits. Thus, we do not want to live in a bubble by stating that spying is easy. Once you know enough about spying and the applications used, it becomes easy for you. A bigger picture is to be required about spy applications, which is still not known to you.

There is a working mechanism of spy applications that sums up and provides you results. Either of any processes gets failed, your spy plan will get flopped. In this case, you must know that the spy applications are required to be used in a certain way.

Different applications can be used for different devices. Some of the spy applications are advanced and baked by sound technology. These applications function on Android and as well as iOS devices, which makes them useful.

You should know that most spy applications fail in the long run. In this case, you must select the best application in the market right now. For a spy application, some necessary features should be offered. You cannot afford to get engaged with an inefficient spying application.

There are many applications which can be the best one for you. You must look out for the required features in the applications you are considering. You cannot rely on the spying application totally. This is because there are some functions that are to be performed from your end.

7 Remote Spy Applications

If you’re looking for the best spying applications for Android as well as iPhone, then you are at the right destination for it. This article will take a detailed look at the following topic.

#1. FreeTracking


We know that this application is not quite popular like others in the market right now. But trust us, FreeTracking will not disappoint you at any cost. This application was introduced recently to the world and has gained popularity in a small period of time. There are many features provided by this spying application, which makes it unique and efficient.

You will get one of the best technical spying support with quick customer service. There are no issues which you will face in case of refunds. It overall helps the user to grow and spy easily. You do motive wave to jailbreak your device to use FreeTracking on Android and iOS devices.

#2. TheTruthSpy


If you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your kid, this is the one you were looking for. TheTruthSpy ( is specially designed for parents and people who want to keep an eye on the target device. In addition to that, as a couple, you can peep inside your partner’s device to clear the air.

You can get access over Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Once the device is traced, call logs, contacts, and the media shared are visible. There is an option for you to record the screen and store it for future use. Here also, the jailbreak is not required to spy over android and iOS devices.

#3. SpyApp


We highly recommend you try out SpyApp (, which will do the job for you. There are spy applications that advertise the brand and provide nothing in return. This has become quite common with the majority of the applications. Well, you will not face any such issues while using SpyApp.

This application is the newest addition to one of the best in the market. The panel is easy to understand and also quite basic to use. You can get keylogging features on CocoSpy and even high reliability. You can hack multimedia, calls, and social media, etc. Therefore, you must try out CocoSpy for the best spying services.

#4. PhoneSpying


PhoneSpying ( is on the list of most powerful and technically sound spy applications. You can use this application on Android as well as iOS. You can monitor the target device in real-time without complications. There are many spy applications that will not provide you real-time call recording.

Well, say no more because PhoneSpying will provide you real-time call recording. You can listen in real-time and also record it for future use. There are many other common features such as access over multimedia, call logs, photos and video, social media, etc.

#5. iKeyMonitor


You will commonly find that the spy applications will charge a certain amount of fee. This money is charged after you have finished some days after installation. iKeyMonitor ( requires a jailbreak or root on an iOS device to get all the features. Some features can be allowed to use after you deposit a certain amount of fee.

The money cost is not that high, which is around $59.99 per month. The services provided by iKeyMonitor are supported on iOS 9 and above. Also, iKeyMonitor is used on android 2.3 and above. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use this application for spying.

#6. SpyZee


You will find SpyZee ( on every list of Spy applications’ reviewers and guides. This shows the features and quality of spy services provided by this application. It is highly preferred by Android users due to easy to use functions. Also, iOS users have started to know about SpyZee.

You won’t find the features provided on SpyZee on any other device. There is no need for you to root your device, even if it is an iOS device. SpyZeealso provides you with access to Snapchat, which is very rare. Therefore, we highly recommend you to check out Spyic to spy on iOS and Android devices.

#7. FreePhoneSpy


Well, we do not want you to get on the number we have placed FreePhoneSpy ( As the name suggests, this application is totally free to get a trial. You can use the spy application for free for some time and get the job done. FreePhoneSpy is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The biggest advantage is that there is no need for you to jailbreak your iOS or Android device. This application will be automatically hidden from the target device holder and can only be seen with a pin. There is no chance of you getting caught because of the trustable and reliable factor of FreePhoneSpy.


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