Best 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps (100% FREE)

WhatsApp tops the list of instant messaging applications. Currently, it is the most prominent messaging application. Over the years it has gained prominence. There are many features and functions that are presented to users. However, it can reveal a lot about the target you are spying on.

WhatsApp is the right application to monitor while spying. Moreover, it can reveal a lot about the target. When it comes to spying, the whole process of spying and the spy must be undetectable. However, always go for an application or software that is highly safe and secure.

The identity of the spy must not be revealed. There is no need to spy on the entire phone. It will make the process quite complicated for the spy. Therefore, we highly recommend tracking WhatsApp messages only. Always go for applications and software that individually track WhatsApp messages.

Best Free WhatsApp Tracking Apps

Best Free WhatsApp Tracking Apps
Best Free WhatsApp Tracking Apps

We are going to point out five effective software and applications. This application will make your job much easier. You can track the target WhatsApp messaging activity. The software and application will guide you in the right way. Let’s dive into the WhatsApp tracking applications.

#1. FreeTracking App

FreeTracking App
FreeTracking App

FreeTracking is a user-friendly application. It consists of advanced features and functions. This application will track the WhatsApp messaging activity. It is a very compatible hacking tool. Along with that, it has amazing functions. It will give you access to the target device very easily. There are various activities that can happen because of FreeTracking. This application is very easy to use. It is not at all complicated. The FreeTracking need not touch the target phone As the WhatsApp messages will be regularly accessible to the spy.

Reasons to use the FreeTracking app

  • This application is reliable and worthy of trust.
  • There are many advanced features and functions.
  • FreeTracking will not have to go out of the way to monitor a device.
  • FreeTracking is a device-friendly application. It works on Android and IOS.
  • Along with WhatsApp messaging the activities like video calling and calling are also captured.
  • The pictures and messages sent and received are captured.

#2. FreePhoneSpy App

FreePhoneSpy App
FreePhoneSpy App

The FreePhoneSpy definitely deserves to be in the top 5 list. These application experts in tracking WhatsApp messages. The everyday record of the target’s activity is tracked. This application is multifunctional. It works best to track or hack the WhatsApp messaging Activity. The target will not come to know about it. This application is pretty undetectable. The identity of the spy will not be revealed. The FreePhoneSpy is undetectable. However, this is the right option to reach out to spy.

You can download the FreePhoneSpy app at

Reasons to use the FreePhoneSpy app

  • This application consists of user-friendly features and functions
  • You can definitely count on the free spy phone for spying on the target.
  • Highly safe and secured monitoring application. This is definitely safe for the spy to use it.
  • The FreePhoneSpy is compatible reliable and trustworthy.

#3. TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy App
TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is the leading spying application. This application definitely deserves to be the leading one. It is an absolute stand-out. TheTruthSpy is a spying tool that monitors WhatsApp activities. Moreover, this includes each and every small activity that happened on WhatsApp. The target cannot escape from anything. TheTruthSpy is a very precise monitoring application. WhatsApp is a multifunctional messaging application. However, all the functions performed on this application will be captured by TheTruthSpy.

You can download the TheTruthSpy app at

Reasons to use the TheTruthSpy app

  • This application is a device- friendly and compatible.
  • TheTruthSpy is a very well-designed find tool.
  • TheTruthSpy will track the live location as well.
  • This will provide full information about the target’s contacts.

#4. SpyZee App

SpyZee App
SpyZee App

This mobile application is extremely advanced. This most probably works on iPhone, Android, IOS, etc. You can check the target phone without touching it. The application works really quickly. Moreover, it is multifunctional and advanced. There are a lot of functions and features it presents on the table. This definitely makes a difference in the spying process. It is very convenient for the user. The spy can automatically get access to the WhatsApp account of the target. However, can definitely get their work done by using SpyZee App.

You can download the SpyZee app at

Reasons to use the SpyZee app

  • SpyZee only requires a one-time payment. It is a pocket-friendly spying application.
  • SpyZee supports iPhone, iOS, and Android. Moreover, it has amazing compatibility.
  • Monitors the additional WhatsApp activities like calls, video calls, contacts, etc. likewise.

#5. FreePhoneTracker App

FreePhoneTracker App
FreePhoneTracker App

This application definitely deserves to end the top 5 list. There are an array of advantages you can take from it. The FreePhoneTracker is no different from the above four spying applications. In fact, it is better in so many aspects. The FreePhoneTracker works on most devices. It consists of compatible features and functions. There are many benefits of the application. Moreover, one can completely track the target’s WhatsApp. What can be better than this?

You can download the FreePhoneTracker app at

Reasons to use the FreePhoneTracker app

  • You can unlock the FreePhoneTracker features and functions for free.
  • The user can use this application on any device.
  • The FreePhoneTracker is an extremely smart tool, likewise.


These are the top 5 tracking applications. A trendy messaging application like WhatsApp is easily traceable. Do not think twice before opting for this hacking software. However, we hope the article will help you out with the purpose.


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