Best 5 Text Message Interceptor Apps (100% FREE)

When it comes to communicating or chatting with someone, the most secure application is SMS. Text messages are highly preferred by any person due to their high security and safety level. If you want to spy or lookout for someone’s personal life, text messages will be your target. We do not want to sound like a cliché application promoting the website.

When it comes to text messages hacking the processes are different for different devices. There was a time where text messages used to be highly secured and safe — all hail to hacking technology which has increased technological capabilities. We do not want you to live in a world of dreams. On the web, you can find multiple ways of intercepting text messages.

But, both hacking techniques work as they are supposed to work. This is because of the new security updates rolled out by mobile companies. You cannot try any way of intercepting text messages without reading details about it. When it comes to hacking, applications can fool you. Many applications are not safe and are backed by unfair means.

To sum up all, you must use reliable and trustable ways of intercept text messages. There are different methods that can be followed to intercept text messages without any suspicion. If you want to look out for alerting or any suspicious thing going on, text message hacking is the best option for you.

Intercept Text Messages
Intercept Text Messages

5 Text Message Interceptor to Intercept Text Messages

Therefore, in this article, we will take a detailed look at five interceptors to intercept text messages for free. 

#1. FreeTracking App

FreeTracking App
FreeTracking App

There is no need for you to become a professional hacker. Many hacking applications are available on the web, which can help you to intercept text messages. FreeTracking is one of the most popular interceptors for text messages. You can remotely intercept the text messages and spy on the target device.

FreeTracking is compatible with Android as well as iPhone devices. You will not face any restrictions while downloading and installing FreeTracking. You can hack the target device and get total access. Moreover, you can take a look at the contacts, messages, multimedia, and social media too. There is no need for you to root your device or jailbreak.

FreeTracking will work on the device in general settings. FreeTracking is very reliable and will not disappoint you at any cost. The functioning mechanism if FreeTracking is not weak and can be trusted. You have to download the application on an Android device manually at, and for iOS, credentials of iCloud are required.

#2. TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy App
TheTruthSpy App

As the name suggests, this interceptor application helps you to know the truth. TheTruthSpy ( will provide you with a clear picture and eliminate all lies. This interceptor application is free to use and arrows on both Android and iOS devices. However, TheTruthSpy works in stealth or hidden mode.

This means the target device will never know his phone is getting intercepted. You can get access to the data which is hidden and also which is not hidden. The functions performed by TheTruthSpy are easy to understand for you. Once the phone is hacked, you get to access the text messages.

You can look at messages sent, received, drafts, media shared, and also date and timing of conversations. The application is not complicated and easy to use for anyone. The users are in millions which shows the trust and reliability factor of TheTruthSpy.

#3. SMS Peeper

SMS Peeper
SMS Peeper

As the name suggests, you can intercept text messages with ease. There is no need for you to become a hacking professional to intercept text messages. SMS Peeper ( allows you to intercept text messages without even installing software on your device. There are two requirements to start intercepting with SMS Peeper.

You have to enter the phone number and country code. These two data will start the fetching process of SMS Peeper for an interception. Few restrictions are implied where you can take a look at only 100 messages. You get access to over 50 incoming and 50 outgoing messages by SMS Peeper.

You have to answer some questions to see these messages. But, you can consider other options to look at the total messages send and receive on a target device. The quick and speedy process of SMS Peeper makes it one of the best options for interception of text messages.

#4. Couple Tracker App

Couple Tracker App
Couple Tracker App

You can expect the functions provided by considering the name of this SMS interceptor. Couple Tracker ( is mainly used by couples or people who are in a relationship. The couple tracker does not work on iOS devices due to security reasons. But, you can use this application on an Android device for free of cost.

Couple Tracker does not work on android devices lower than 4.0. You must use this SMS interceptor on the latest android device. There are many hacking options provided by Couple tracker.

You get direct access over the device of your partner or any person you want to spy. The text messages are easily intercepted without any restrictions. There is a limit over the messages which are intercepted for you. A major advantage of Couple Tracker is that you don’t have to install the application again and again.

#5. SpyZee App

SpyZeee App
SpyZeee App

When Text interceptor is concerned, SpyZee ( is one of the best options for you. This interceptor has helped a number of parents and couples to get clarity over their debts and insecurity. SpyZee offers more than 10+ tracking features to intercept the device.

It becomes very easy for people using this application to intercept text messages. SpyZee allows you to check the contacts, messages sent and received, date and time of conversations, etc. You get total clarity over text messages which is known as an efficient interception.

This interceptor works on iOS and Android devices without restrictions. You can get access to the messages deleted on iPhone devices. This Is because the iCloud credentials are used to get access over deleted chats. The dashboard is easy to understand and does not complicate things.


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